When we use the term Off-Page SEO service in Birmingham we are primarily talking about ways of increasing your domain’s authority by forging links with other authority websites. It’s possible to boost a website’s ranking in the search engines by increasing the quality and number of inbound links to the web page. Search engines make use of complex algorithms when they evaluate websites, and some of the methods that our expert team can employ to boost your off-page SEO include:

  • Creating content which people are keen to link to since it offers something valuable
  • Social media sharing of content to generate links
  • Sending outreach emails to industry influencers who can then link to the website
  • Guest blogging on websites within the same niche with links to the website

Is Off-Page Or On-Page SEO More Important?

Although having plenty of links is important, we know that the quality of those links has greater importance, and therefore we focus our off page SEO service in Birmingham campaigns on creating content that is supremely shareable so that valuable links can be earned organically. Although it was once believed that paying for links was the ideal solution this is no longer acceptable since Google now penalises sites that buy links to manipulate their ranking. Since penalties can also be issued for submitting links to a link directory to boost domain authority it’s best to put your off page SEO campaign in the hands of an expert team like ours.

Black Hat Seo

In order to get higher rankings more quickly, some unscrupulous SEO consultants will resort to using Black Hat SEO. This is a set of negative practices which are sometimes employed to increase a site’s ranking in the search engines and which violate the terms of service set out by the search engines. Some black hat tactics which are used by unscrupulous consultants include:

  • Automation of content
  • Doorway pages
  • Stuffing with keywords
  • Hidden links or texts
  • Reporting competitors
  • Sneaky redirecting
  • Cloaking
  • Linking schemes
  • Guest post networks
  • Manipulating links/Buying links
  • Spinning articles
  • Link networks, wheels and farms
  • Rich snippet mark up spam
  • Automated Google queries
  • Creating domains, subdomains and pages with duplicated content
  • Pages that have malicious behaviours like viruses, phishing, trojans and malware

When you use our off page SEO service in Birmingham you can be confident that we will never use these underhand tactics. Instead, you can depend on us to only use the most up-to-date and reputable methods to boost your site’s search engine ranking and increase your reach.

Why Is Black Hat SEO A Bad Idea?

At all costs you should make sure that your company’s website avoids all black hat SEO practices since using these tactics may end up with your site being banned from search engines completely. Although black hat practices may result in short-term successes and short-term boosts to web traffic, the penalties being issued by Google are becoming increasingly sophisticated and will have a devastating effect on your traffic and rankings.

Since millions of people carry out Google searches every day it’s more than your business is worth to end up being de-indexed for black hat tactics. When you choose Just Web Services to optimise your company’s SEO strategy, you can be sure that we won’t use any of the above black hat practices on your website. We only employ the best and most reputable practices for organic Search Engine Optimisation to get your company noticed. Thanks to our expertise in the area of off page SEO service in Birmingham, you can be sure that your website will rise through the rankings, reaching your target audience, turning visitors into conversions and raising your profits in the process.

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