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PPC or PayPerClick is an effective marketing strategy which is in use by many businesses today, however knowing how to harness its power is something that is best left in the hands of experts. We Getting PPC marketing right can be surprisingly difficult, but our PPC marketing agency in Birmingham is here to help you to utilise PPC to your company’s advantage to increase your reach and boost your revenue.

What is Google Pay Per Click?

There are several options when it comes to online marketing strategies, but PayPerClick, or PPC for short, is one that is commonly asked for by clients of our PPC agency in Birmingham. PPC is a type of online marketing strategy which sees advertisers paying a fee every time someone clicks on their advert. In basic terms, it is a way in which you can buy website visits instead of earning them in an organic way. There are several types of PPC, however the most popular has to be search engine advertising. This enables those advertising their goods or services to bid for advert placement in the sponsored links of the search engine, so that when a visitor searches for keywords relating to what their business offers their advert appears in the results’ top spot.

Appearing at the very top of the listings increases the chances of visitors clicking on the advert, and whenever the visitor is then sent to the company’s website, the brand pays a fee to the search engine. Although some people are put off by the idea of having to pay a fee, the amount is small and in most cases, the visit is well worth it since the sale will allow a profit to be made.

While there are several key differences between the two types of marketing strategy, the primary message that all companies which want to have the most successful approach to their online presence is that both organic search and PPC have a vital role to play. While PPC brings speedier results, well executed SEO for organic search ensures long lasting success.

Google AdWords – The PPC Model

Google AdWords is a platform which enables companies to make adverts which appear on Google properties such as their search engine. Operating on a PPC model, Google chooses an AdWord advertiser to appear in its top advert space based on several factors including keyword relevance and quality, and since Google is the top choice of search engine among companies’ potential customers it is vital to take all of the essential steps to ensure a successful PPC marketing campaign.

A major element of this is keyword research – a time-consuming but vital task. Since any PPC agency in Birmingham will construct a campaign around the use of keywords, this is a task that cannot be done only once and forgotten about. Instead, it is something which needs to be done on a regular basis to ensure that as much traffic as possible will be driven to your site.

The keyword list must be relevant, exhaustive and expansive in order to be as effective as possible, and our PPC marketing agency in Birmingham can help with this challenging and ongoing task. Thanks to our expertise in the field, we can pinpoint all of the short and long-tail keywords that are most relevant to your business so that your PPC campaign can achieve maximum results.

Using Online Marketing To Your Advantage

As experts in the industry, our PPC agency in Birmingham know how best to include PayPerClick marketing within a comprehensive and successful campaign. We can utilise the benefits of PPC to your brand’s best advantage without overlooking the other key elements of organic SEO. By using a two-pronged strategy to harness both approaches in tandem, we will ensure the success of your strategy and bring your brand to your target audience through all available channels, expanding your reach and increasing conversions.

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Building A Successful PPC Campaign

Although the idea of PPC marketing may sound simple, the many elements which go into it mean that it is best left in the hands of a professional company like ours. We can help to research and select the most appropriate keywords, organise them into an effective campaign and set up a PPC landing page for your company which has been fully optimised to facilitate conversions. The more useful and valuable your landing page and advert are for your users, the less you’ll be charged by the search engine and the higher your profits will be, and we can ensure that you get it right first time for the best possible results.

Management Of Your PPC Campaign

An effective PPC campaign will still require ongoing management to ensure that it remains effective in the long term. Continuous analysis of the campaign’s performance is the only way to ensure that it is achieving maximum potential, and this is another element which we can tackle on your behalf. We can add further relevant PPC keywords to expand your campaign’s reach, improve your quality score and click-through rate by dividing ad groups into more relevant smaller groups for better targeting, deactivate any under-performing keywords and refine your landing pages by modifying the calls to action and content. You can depend on our PPC agency in Birmingham to maximise the potential of your pay per click campaign so that your business can grow and thrive.

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